About Purelife Marketing:

We Help Yoga Studios & Private Golf Clubs Grow Revenue & Profit Faster With Online Marketing

    • YOGA STUDIOS: Are you frustrated you don’t have a predictable and consistent stream of incoming yogis from online marketing for your memberships, classes, and teacher trainings? 
    • PRIVATE GOLF CLUBS: Do you wish you had more qualified new golfers coming to check out your golf course and sign up for your memberships from online marketing?
    • Does online marketing take away too much of your attention from your passions of teaching and building a community?

Purelife Marketing can help! We exclusively help yoga studios and private golf clubs grow their businesses faster with effective, transparent, and measurable online marketing.

The systems and strategies we use here at Purelife Marketing have been developed and honed over the past 7 years as our founder, Ryan Niessen, worked with some of the most remarkable 6 – 8 figure online marketing businesses in the world.

Our “moonshot” mission is to double the size of 1,000 yoga studios and private golf clubs in the next 5 years.

Why? Because at Purelife Marketing, we believe that the growth of yoga and golf — through yoga studios and private golf clubs just like yours — can change the world.

Because we think online marketing is the most challenging, interesting, and rewarding field there is. And finally, we do it for you. Because we love yoga and golf, and have the utmost appreciation for the leaders who grow them.

We Believe:

    • That yoga and golf can radically change people’s lives
    • That when you hire someone to help you with online marketing, they are accountable for growing your revenue
    • That each of our clients should be treated like our own business
    • That all relationships, especially in business, must have mutual respect
    • That you’re either growing or you’re dying… and we choose to grow!
    • That small businesses can change the world
    • That great online marketing should be simple, transparent, affordable, and effective
    • That we are yogi golfers first, and marketers second.

If you’re still reading, then maybe we’ve got your attention? Let’s connect.

About Purelife Marketing’s Founder, Ryan Niessen

Fresh out of college, I moved across the country to work for The Elevation Group, one of the few 8-figure companies in the online “info-marketing” space. I spent a few years learning the ropes from some amazing marketers, and then went off to spend another 4+ years working with all kinds of small business owners helping them grow their businesses.

Along the way, I honed my yogi skills through the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, which have had a profound effect on my life, relationships, and work.

One of the things that stood out to me the most about Yogananda is that he believed that the West could greatly benefit from the spiritual teachings of the East by becoming less materialistic and more centered.

He also believed that the East could benefit from the West when it comes to innovation and business.

Now, I run Purelife Marketing with the intention of following Yogananda’s footsteps in my own unique way.

I want to support yoga studios in growing the practice of yoga worldwide, both to impact people’s lives and bring more peace to the world, and also to help create more abundance yogi teachers and business owners.

Golf and yoga go hand in hand for me. Both have profound similarities to real life. Both are challenging, and make people better.

After giving up the game for a decade, I fell back in love with golf in 2016, and quickly went from shooting 90’s to a scratch golfer. I absolutely love the game, and savor each and every opportunity to help private golf clubs grow.

Fun fact: I consider myself a yogi first, an entrepreneur second, and an avid golfer third. My wife and I love to hike weekly, and I am continually developing all dimensions of my life.

Thanks for stopping by.
Ryan Niessen

I’ve Worked With 7 and 8-Figure Companies Like:

Some Success Stories

As we wrap up a successful 2018 at Lake Valley Golf Club, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for helping us hit our recruitment goals! I am so thankful we found each other a year ago and began working together this past spring.

To say we were blown away by the job you did for us doesn’t fully explain the depth of our gratitude. As Membership Director of Lake Valley the past 19 years, we have never had anything close to this kind of performance from any marketing company, program, we have worked with previously.

Results speak for themselves. We have added 30% more new members this year than in 2017. But the best part, it cost us so much less with your advertising program than anything we used in past years. Our annual marketing budget used to run between $12,000 - $15,000 per year with very little understanding of what our ROI was on the money spent through past advertising channels. This year, we only spent $3900 and had more contact with prospective members than in any year over my previous 19 years. Ryan, your follow up and communication with our team is second to none. No one, gave us the feedback results you did and we finally felt like we got “more” than our money’s worth for our advertising dollars spent!

All of us at Lake Valley GC look forward to working with you in 2019 and feel confident we’ll have even a better reach in our 2nd year with you.

Thank you for all you do.

Rob MountMembership Director, Lake Valley Golf Club

“Ryan strategized and implemented an internal product launch to our 13k person list and in 1 week brought in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue - amazing!"

Dr. Susanne BennettInternationally Recognized Natural and Integrative Medicine Expert

- Facebook ad spend = $950
- Initial sales = $3,568 (376% ROI)
- Recurring monthly revenue = $730
- Total E-Commerce Store Revenue Increase = 50% month-over-month

Dr. Ruth RobertsOne of the Nation's Foremost Experts on Holistic and Integrative Veterinary Medicine

- Automated sales funnel allowed her to decrease her speaking gigs from 18-20 per year down to only 7, while growing her business.
- She freed up 15 hours per week previously spent coaching, while increasing revenue.

Sonia ChoquetteGlobally Celebrated and Dynamic Spiritual Teacher, Six-Sensory Consultant, and Transformational Visionary Guide

What Other People Are Saying:

Ryan did a great job, he was quick with the work but also went above and beyond what was expected.

Brittany IrwinBlue Willow Investments

Ryan was referred to me and I have to say it's been a huge relief outsourcing such a crucial project to such a competent individual. I found the experience easy and efficient. Ryan knew all the right questions; all I had to do was provide simple answers. From there, Ryan provided clear, actionable strategies that we were able to implement immediately.

Sometimes overlooked but equally as important as competency, Ryan is likeable and simply easy to work. I would highly recommend his marketing services to any of my colleagues.

John LembeckInvestor Developer Multifamily

Ryan is a class act and is as passionate about life as business. I've worked with him personally at The Elevation Group and watched him blossom from a marketing intern into a full-fledged, purpose-driven entrepreneur.

I feel honored to work with Ryan on a daily basis helping individuals realize their full potential while at the same time working to serve a greater good.

Thomas BernthalCopywriter at Wealth Factory