Why Team Up With Purelife Marketing For Your Private Golf Club Online Marketing?

  • Specifically designed for private golf clubs that want more members using online marketing. The more private golf clubs we work with, the better we can serve YOU because we transfer learnings from one campaign to the next. 
  • Our private golf club online marketing program focuses on lead and customer acquisition first, but also helps you generate more local awareness. 
  • We use proven marketing principles combined with the most powerful tools available to help you connect with golfers in your area like never before.
  • We target people in your demographic within 20 minutes of your location, and our marketing systems give us the ability to offer an extremely personalized experience for newcomers to your studio. 
  • We qualify new leads and weed out “freebie seekers” so your membership director only speaks and invites out serious prospects.
  • Our founder is a scratch golfer, and we’re a passionate team dedicated to helping you succeed.

Our Private Golf Club Online Marketing Program

With our private golf club online marketing program, you get:

  • Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertising Management and Optimization: The 2 hottest advertising platforms for finding golfers.
  • Video Ads: Video, and specifically the type of video formats we use, is an incredibly powerful tool to connect with your ideal golfers and get their attention. New videos are created each month to prevent “ad blindness” with your ideal audience online.
  • Retargeting: We’re able to “retarget” people who watch our videos or visit your website with additional ads. This type of follow up is extremely effective and is one of the things that allows us to maximize your golf club’s advertising budget.
  • Messenger Marketing Funnel Optimization and Management: Email marketing is becoming less effective every year. With Messenger Marketing, we can provide a personal experience for new golfer leads using a platform where people are used to communicating almost instantly (similar to texting).
  • Follow Up Messenger Automation designed to get golfers to engage with your membership director and come out to the course.
  • Weekly Reporting on Performance and Optimizations Being Made
  • Cancel Anytime with 30 Days Notice

The best part is… it’s all automated and done for you.

Want Our Help Getting More Members For Your Private Golf Club?

The first step is to chat with us and see if we’re a good fit to work together. Email info@purelifemarketing.net or call 512-934-4199 to speak with someone over the phone.

Our mission is to double the size of 1,000 private golf clubs and yoga studios in the next 5 years. In order to achieve that, we keep our monthly service investment low cost, so you can make the most of your marketing dollars by getting new leads and members.

If that sounds good to you, chat with us in Messenger or give us a call, and let’s grow golf together.

As Membership Director of Lake Valley the past 19 years, we have never had anything close to this kind of performance from any marketing company, program, we have worked with previously.
We have added 30% more new members this year than in 2017. But the best part, it cost us so much less with your advertising program than anything we used in past years. Our annual marketing budget used to run between $12,000 - $15,000 per year with very little understanding of what our ROI was on the money spent through past advertising channels. This year, we only spent $3900 and had more contact with prospective members than in any year over my previous 19 years. Ryan, your follow up and communication with our team is second to none. No one, gave us the feedback results you did and we finally felt like we got “more” than our money’s worth for our advertising dollars spent!

Rob MountMembership Director, Lake Valley Golf Club