Yoga Studio Facebook Marketing:
Here’s How We Can Help You Grow Using Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube

Our yoga studio Facebook marketing program take advantage of the most powerful mediums and online marketing strategies available to authentically connect with yogis and attract them to your studio.

We create engaging, high-quality video ads that are used to promote your yoga studio on Facebook and Instagram, and also uploaded to your yoga studio’s YouTube channel where we optimize them for SEO.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and it can provide a powerful boost to your site’s SEO as well as a ton of new traffic, leads, and customers.

New videos are created for your yoga studio each month to prevent “ad blindness” and keep things fresh!

We’re also able to “retarget” people who watch our videos or visit your website with additional ads.

This type of follow up is extremely effective and is one of the things that allows us to maximize your yoga studio’s advertising budget.

We also use one of the most powerful new strategies available: Messenger Marketing. Think of it like email marketing, but in Facebook’s Messenger platform.

We also create automated follow up messages to keep yogis engaged with your yoga studio.

Yoga Studio Facebook Marketing Purelife Marketing

Yoga Studio Facebook Marketing

With our yoga studio Facebook marketing program, you get:

  • Facebook Paid Advertising Management and Optimization: Facebook is, and likely always will be one of the best and most cost effective mediums for finding and attracting new customers.
  • Retargeting: We’re able to “retarget” people who watch your yoga studio’s videos or visit your website. This means we can send new and different ads to people who have expressed an interest in your content and business – and it’s a very powerful strategy for maximizing your budget.
  • Messenger Marketing Funnel Optimization and Management: Facebook’s Messenger platform provides a unique opportunity to provide a personalized experience for yogis. It allows them to get to know your studio in a cool new way, and makes it easy for them to take the step to come into class.
  • Follow Up Messenger Automation designed to get your yoga studio leads to take as many classes as possible.
  • “Which Class Is For You?” Quiz in Messenger. This short, fun quiz helps new yogis learn about your different classes and find the right one for them.
  • Marketing Automation Asking Leads to Bring a Friend: Friends who work out together are more likely to create a regular routine of coming to your classes, so we make it easy for them!
  • Marketing Automation Asking Class Attendees to Leave a Google Review: This is an automated way to continually and perpetually improve your SEO presence. A study found that 88% of consumers consult reviews before making a purchase, so this will help distinguish you from other local yoga studios.

Yoga Studio Instagram Marketing

With our Yoga Studio Instagram Marketing program, you get:

  • Instagram Paid Advertising Management and Optimization: The visual nature of Instagram makes it the perfect platform to advertise and bring in new yogis for your studio. We test, optimize, and create powerful, high-quality video ads that do an amazing job of representing your brand.
  • 60 Second & Square Video Ads: Square videos with a headline at the top work amazingly well to attract your ideal customers. We also create new video ads each month that we use for ads, and which you can post on your yoga studio’s instagram.
  • Retargeting: We’re able to “retarget” people who watch our videos or visit your website with additional ads. This type of follow up is extremely effective and is one of the things that allows us to maximize your advertising budget.

Yoga Studio YouTube Marketing

With our Yoga Studio YouTube Marketing program, you get:

  • New 60 Second, High-Quality Videos Uploaded to Your YouTube Channel Monthly: We use your existing video footage or images to teach 1 simple concept, share something beneficial about practicing yoga, or simply promote your studio – and create a great-looking video with banner text at the top. 
  • SEO Optimization For Website Ranking & Traffic: We spend the time and know the “tricks of the trade” to properly upload your video file, fill in the description, and rank your yoga studio videos for maximum effect. 

Want Our Help Getting More Yogis For Your Studio?

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Because our mission is to double the size of 1,000 yoga studios by Jan 1, 2024, we keep our monthly management costs as low as possible, so that your marketing dollars go as far as possible.

If that sounds good to you, chat with us in Messenger or give us a call, and let’s grow yoga together.